Dildroid 1.0.5 Released!

We felt very guilty to not release a free Omnidar App for april 1st. For this reason, as promised here is a gift for our android users Dildroid 1.0.5

This new version include:

* A educative splash screen that change on every launch, learn everything about the human body and it’s lovely relation with the dildroid
* Ads have been added to the splashscreen, if these ads generate income be sure we will release more feature to dildroid soon!
* Fixed minor visual issue

This is just a small release, the next one should be better, and the next next one will be awsome stay tune!


PS: We will release this version to the android Market when Mr. Google will be able to fix the market, for the last 4 days the market is really not stable and seem to be saturated :S

Omnidar for iPhone is free today!


Yes one of the best prank application on iTune is free today, right on time for April Fools day! The best news this isn’t a joke :) We want the world to prank colleague with our apps, the only thing we want in return is a couple video of your pranks! And please keep these on the good taste / karma++ side, I know the Geiger counter + Made in Japan stuff prank is very tempting but it’s very tasteless…

Sadly for our android user the market isn’t allowing a temporary free price, I’ve tried to put 0.01 cent but it’s not even possible :( But don’t despair I’ll have good news for our android users soon!

Let’s the prank roll!

Mobidroid master chief

Dude you are right!

Some dude called Dude came on our almost dead site and left a very disturbing comment about our flagship product the Dildroid. This was received like a electric shock.

Dude holy words were:

It’s very interesting!! But TOO weak to vibrate!! Thanks!!

These thruthfull revelation hit us like a ton of brick and opened our eye to see… We have been literally changed by these words… We had no choice but to take actions…

We first created a internal comity, to handle the crisis. It didn’t take long to realise that this was too big for our organisation to handle alone. We add to find experts… Our secretary half french half German remember that her grand father Dr. Sine Osidale, in WW2, was doing research for a eccentric professor called Evalsick Fock on vibration other shaky stuff. She told us he was one of the biggest brain around in mater of shaking things around. That was our guy! But she then explained us that back then he stopped all his work for Dr. Fock when he had bad vibration about this. He started investigating and found that all the research he made was in fact used to build a device able to destroy humanity! He found blueprints of the machine, it was horrible! The system was using babies and de axed evil wheel of doom and making this thing spin like crazy it generated huge wave of sick Fock vibrations! This device was supposed to be installed over Yellowstone park and would in order to provoke a huge volcanic eruption that would wipe humanity from this planet.

Evalsick Fock machine blueprints:

Anyway now hes retired and did swear to never do shaky stuff anymore. Anyway we didn’t have much choice but to try… When we spoke about Dude comments, he almost had a heart arrest! He told us he will take action right now! But sadly won’t be able to do research to help us…

So he made a online petition to cell phone manufacturer to ask them to make the phone more powerful when it come to vibration.

I urge you all to sign this petition to send a strong signal to these heartless soul who invest millions in useless features, and do not improve mechanical oscillations!

You can sign the online petition here: http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?DILDROID

(not sure how long it will stay online so be fast…)

Happy everything 2011 by the way!

Omnidar detect the Stun Fone marketing scam

The powerfull sensors in Omnidar detected the bullshit out of the Stun Fone iPhone application. As you can see in the video bellow, we carefully scanned the web site using the Omnidar and without any doubts the omnidar revealed the smelly BS that was emanating from the web site. Never surf the interwebernet without the Omnidar, the only powerfull bullshit detector for android, iPhone on the market. (It also detect much much much more stuff but you already know that didn’t you?)

It’s a conspiracy!!11!


A man wearing tin foil hat Source: wikipedia

I saw a couple of comments thinking Dildroid was the antichrist and “collect user information”. This fear of the unknow might be the reason why people are affraid, so today we are going to explain all the rights needed for the Dildroid application to run on your device. After that we hope you will be able to remove your tin foil hat when using Dildroid.

So here is the list of rights required for the application:

BATTERY_STATS : This is to trigger the low battery alert…
READ_CONTACTS: This is for the button that launch your contact list in order to send a dildro-sms
RECEIVE_SMS: This is to receive Dildro-sms
WRITE_SMS: This is to allow dildroid to write a dildo sms
SEND_SMS: This is to send Dildro-sms
VIBRATE: I wonder why we request this one… Ah yes I think it was for reading mind of dildroid user and put that in our evil database of mean thing departement.

As you can see there is no internet rights so nothing leave your phone without your consent. The next release will probably contain Voip function (Vibrate over IP function) which will require internet rights. We might release a tin-hat edition only requiring the VIBRATE rights, we will see if there is a real demand for it.

Dildroid manual needed?

I just found this question on Yahoo questions. I wasn’t expecting confusion from our precious android users. Here is a example of use for Dildroid. Use Dildroid on pussys, these animals seem to really like the vibration of the dildroid. Here we took a screenshoot for you to make it very clear, hope it solve all mysteries around our wonderfull product!



Omnidar v1.1 released


Yeah I know this release was way over due… I would like to appoligies for the delay of this realease but believe me I have a good excuse. For the sake of the world education let me explain you why it took so long…

First of all the fix really only took 20 min to make, so it was not a technical issue no it’s more subtle… You see to publish stuff on the Android market you need to sign the applications, and to sign the application you need a precious key… this key is a simple file, and this precious file was located on my precious macbook which was precisely located on the floor when a god damn TV stand feel it was a good landing place to land from a 6′ drop… It look like Mr. macbook keyboard didn’t really enjoyed the stress from the TV Stand and transfered some weight on the main board which decide from now on to just not live anymore…  So here was lying my ex-precious macbook… Since the only copy of the file was on the damn thing, I needed to wait a to get a new macbook in order to retreive the key from the old hard drive… So long story short the key is now retreived and I’ll  be able to release more updates…

So here are the lessons to learn my dear cybernetic freinds:

- Always make a damn copy of this damn key…

- Never drop TV stand from 6′ in the air on your macbook…

Version 1.1 contains these fix

  • Fix resolution problems for Droid, Nexus one and other high resolution devices
  • Fixed some typos in the text
  • Fixed the list of radar that was getting bigger on each launch


Android app download page now back online

For those who saw the glory age of mobidroid website they remember that they could download our wonderful products using the download page. Well it’s now back online for your enjoyment. So to celebrate this milestone we will now let our dancing goose out. Enjoy!

Google IO 2010

Mobidroid will be attending Google IO 2010 edition, we requested the creation of a twenty foot tall dildroid mascot for the occasion. Sadly we didn’t found a way to fold it down to fit in a simple carrying bag for the air travel :(  Plan B would be to create one on place using Macgyver skills and scraps but the fear of getting sued for destroying Moscone center celling might relegate this idea to the trash can.

We will try to bring some news / video / clips / bride of information from this event on this blog,  stay tuned!

A brave new start


It was about time that someone put some love on this site. Tonight alone, in the dark, in the heat of a beginning summer I give it a try. So here is my little attempt to make this site alive again. (yes basicly it’s a new free template and a plug-in for language meh…)

But stay tuned while I try secure more free time to handle all those web operations thingnies… So much ideas are in my head but so few spare time to make it actually happen :(

So for the mobidroid news:

  • The site will now be available in French and English (yup it’s the law in here…)
  • The site will never look like a mobile phone as expected, the guy responsible for this layout never passed the stage of the blank page
  • The site will not recover past content, instead new stuff will be created upon inspiration and motivation
  • Usage of four sentences looks really great in bullets!
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